Major Causes of Auto Paint Damage to Watch Out For

Many people struggle to keep their vehicles looking amazing. Dents and scratches look unpleasant. They also lower the vehicle’s resale value significantly. And, the longer you wait to repair these damages, the higher the chances of having rust develop on your vehicle. That’s why you should know the major causes of auto paint damage and avoid them in the first place. Here are the most common auto paint damage causes to watch out for. 

Flying Debris 

Roadway trash and small stones are some of the major causes of auto paint damage. You could be driving along a busy road when a stone flops up and dings your vehicle’s paintwork. This can happen on the undercarriage, bumper, or the edge of your vehicle’s wheel wells. 

Although this might be avoidable, excessive damage can be prevented. For instance, you can avoid potholes and lanes that may necessitate these repairs. Also, avoid driving behind vehicles that can haul loose stones and dump trucks. 

The Elements 

Your vehicle can sustain paint damage during any season. Salt and snow can damage auto paint significantly during winter. UV rays from the sun can cause the fading of the auto paint. That means protecting auto paint throughout the year is not easy. 

The best option is to always park your vehicle in a garage. But if this is not possible, use a car cover. This will protect your vehicle against the UV rays and snow. Additionally, park your car in a shady place to protect the paintwork from the UV rays. 

Bird Droppings and Bugs 

Bird droppings and bugs can damage the paint of your vehicle significantly. But, bugs are not easy to prevent from landing on a vehicle. However, dead bugs are not easy to remove if left in place. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is washed at least once every week to prevent dead insects and bird droppings from damaging its paint. Bird droppings can corrode the paint of your vehicle. That’s because they are acidic. That means bird droppings will eat away your vehicle paint’s color if not removed. And instead of scrapping the droppings, wash them away with a soft brush and soapy water. 

Engine Fluids and Fuel Stains 

Diesel or regular gasoline will cause peeling of paint if it drips onto it regularly. Therefore, make sure that fuel is wiped immediately it drips on the paint of your vehicle. Essentially, make sure that no engine fluids or fuel drips on the paintwork when fueling your car. And if it does, make sure that it is removed as soon as possible. 

Preventing damage to your vehicle’s paintwork is not always easy. However, you should try to avoid these major causes of auto paint damage as much as possible. This will keep your vehicle looking amazing longer and retain its resale value. 

What Makes Immediate Collision Repair Necessary

Collision accidents are a common spot on our roads today, which could have dire consequences on lives and cars. However, most people often ignore the damages or postpone the repairs to a later date. Here’s why it is necessary to seek immediate repair for car damages impacted by collision accidents. 


The primary objective of conducting immediate collision repair is to ensure your safety and that of the other road users. Even if you think that the damage was just a minor thing, it is important to take the car for proper inspection to be sure that all the internal parts are in good shape. During the inspection, you should also check whether the car’s safety features like airbags are working properly. 

Prevents Corrosion and Rust 

Some people often think that there is no need to repair their cars after a collision if the damages only occur on the body. But, that is not true; any sign of damage to the car after an accident should be properly fixed. Failing to do so will impact corrosion or rust, which could significantly compromise the integrity, performance, and safety of the car. 

Keep up with the Terms of Insurance Coverage 

Car insurers require their clients to repair any damages experienced on the vehicles to maintain their comprehensive or collision insurance coverage. Insurance companies are likely to cut off your extra cover if they realize that you are not keen on keeping the car in proper condition. For those who do not own the cars, lenders usually insist on keeping the extra coverage for the protection of their investments. 

Helps with Detecting Underlying problems 

Your car insurer will provide estimates for the repairs to be covered based on their assessments. But, there are many other issues that only a professional mechanic may detect later. Seeking immediate collision repair will ensure that the car is properly inspected and all the problems identified on time. 

Overall, immediate professional collision repair will go a long way in ensuring safety on the road while also preserving the value of your investment. 

Common Myths about Collision Repair

Dealing with collision repair can be a scary and frustrating experience. Having everything fixed can also be expensive. And, it’s easy to be caught up in myths about collision repair. That’s why it’s important to know these myths before you take your vehicle for repair after a collision. Here are some of the most common myths about collision repair. 

Your Vehicle Must Be repaired at the Repair Shop Recommended by the Insurer 

This is not true. Your auto insurance provider might suggest an auto body repair shop where you can have your vehicle fixed. However, you’re not legally required to take your vehicle to the specific shop recommended by the insurer. It’s your right to choose the shop where you take the car for repair. 

Your Car Can Only Be Repaired at a Dealership after Collision 

A dealership can repair your car after a collision. However, they are not the only option you have. The dealership can even be the most costly option. So, if you know a trusted and professional collision repair shop, take your vehicle there. This can save you time and money while providing quality repairs. 

The Total Cost of Repair Will Be Covered By Your Auto Insurance Company 

Your auto insurance company might not cover the total cost of repairing your vehicle. The insurer will cover some repairs but not all. However, this will depend on your insurance policy. If your policy has collision coverage, check the specifics of what your policy covers. You can also talk to your agent about it. 

You Must Request Three Estimates for the Insurance Company to Agree to Pay 

It’s good to get several estimates before you choose a collision repair shop. However, it’s not a must. Your auto insurance provider will estimate the cost of repair after you have chosen an auto repair shop.

It’s important to conduct some research before you take your car to a repair shop. Your goal should be to have your vehicle repaired by experts at a reputable collision repair shop. 

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Car for Spring

I always get this random call from a buddy of mine named Gabriel from Auto Masters, a top rated san antonio body shop, and he says, when spring comes, you know that summer is around the corner. This is the time to prepare your car for a hotter weather. Sprucing your car for spring entails more than just giving it a good wash. It can entail giving its paint job a touch up, buffing out the scratched parts, checking its tires for possible wear and inspecting the battery. You also need to check the body work of your vehicle. The impending summer heat can affect many parts of your vehicle including the paint job and tires. 


Have all salt, grime, and dirt cleaned from the body of your car. Special attention should be paid to your car’s undercarriage. Check for rust damage too. If rust is presence, have experts address it immediately. If rust is not addressed, it will worsen and eat through the body of your car. High pressure should be used to wash away grime. Be careful when taking your car to a car wash. Avoid a car wash that uses recycled water because it can leave streaks on your car. 


Pressure changes occur whenever there are temperature changes. Rubber contracts when the weather is cool and expands during warm weather. That means temperature changes have the potential to affect your tires in different ways. It’s important to have the tires of your vehicle rotated after five thousand to ten thousand miles. Also check tire pressure regularly. Ideally, check tire pressure whenever you go to a gas station. 


Fill up the windshield wiper blades fluid reservoir and have them cleaned. Make sure that the oil of your car is changed after every 3 months. Some cars require heavier oil during the hot season to provide more protection to the engine. If you drive a high mileage car, it might also need special oil. Change air filter to enhance the performance of your car’s engine. Also fill and flush the cooling system of your car’s engine to prevent possible engine failure. 

Additionally, check spark plugs and battery as well as the gas caps and radiator. The cabin and trunk should also be cleaned at this time. Work with experts of a reputable auto body repair shop to have any damage on the body of our vehicle fixed. 

Types of Car Repairs for DIY

Auto troubles tend to bring difficulties in the lives of most people. Unfortunately, they tend to pop up when least expected. Some of auto damages are costly to fix. Others are time-consuming and they require specialized skills to handle. However, there are car repairs that you can handle yourself. Here are some of the car repairs that you can do yourself.

Flat Tire Repair

Any driver that has never had a flat tire to deal with is simply lucky. Nevertheless, fixing a flat tire is fairly easy though it can be stressful to some people. Your auto insurance can provide roadside assistance thereby saving you money on minor fixes. However, you can fix a flat tire if you don’t get roadside assistance. The owner’s manual comes with detailed instructions to help you remove the faulty tire and replace it with the spare tire. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, the internet has videos and tutorials that can guide you. The most important thing is to ensure that you have a spare tire and the necessary tools for the repair.

Replacing Lights

The headlight of your car can stop working for no reason. The brake light can also go out. Driving without a properly functioning brake light can make you cause an accident. You can also be fined for the same. Therefore, it’s important to fix or have the problem fixed the soonest possible. Nevertheless, it’s not a must you visit a mechanic to have the issue fixed. If you have a screw driver and the owner’s manual, you can fix the damage. You simply perchance a replacement bulb, remove the burned or damaged bulb, and fit the new one.

Nevertheless, if your vehicle has an extensive damage that you are not sure whether you can fix, drive to a reputable auto body repair shop. That way, the problem will be fixed by experts that know what exactly to do and how to do it.…

Tips for Making Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Road trips are exciting for most people. A road trip is generally fun whether you go alone or with loved ones. However, you should make your car ready for the trip before you go. Here are tips to help you make your car ready for a road trip.

Check all Items for Basic Maintenance

Make sure that you have the basics before anything else. These include water in your car’s radiator, oil, washer fluid, and brake fluid. Also check tires to ensure that they are not damaged or worn out. If you are not confident in your ability to check the basic maintenance items, have a professional do it.

Prepare in Advance

Don’t wait to rush in the last minute. Instead, have your car checked by experts early. This will enable you to ensure that all necessary repairs are done to have everything in order before the trip. Some repairs are not easy to do when preparing for the trip. To avoid pressuring yourself or delaying the trip, have your vehicle checked early.

Work on Warnings

If the engine light of your vehicle is on or the car is producing unusual noise, have it checked by an expert immediately. If you detect issues, focus on having them fixed immediately. Perhaps, the best place to start is having a mechanic assess your vehicle. This will enable you to have the problem source identified and resolved before the trip.

Work with a Reputable Auto Body Repair Shop

To ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition before a road trip, have everything done by qualified professionals. Ideally, drive to a trustworthy auto shop for all repairs and servicing. That’s the only way you will be sure that your vehicle is in proper condition for a road trip.

Generally, you don’t want your road trip to be ruined by a mechanical problem. Follow these tips to make your car ready for a road trip.

check out this site for more details and an excellent write up on top 10 road trp[ tips.…

Expert Guide on How to Maintain the Brand New Look of Your Car

Maintaining the brand new look of your car will keep it looking amazing longer. You will also drive your car longer without incurring body repairs when you maintain its brand new look. But, how do you do it? Here are guidelines on how to maintain the brand new look of your car from experts.

Wash Your Car More Often

Some people are obsessed with the idea of keeping their cars washed regularly. They also have their cars waxed more often. However, there are people that are never bothered by the idea of washing or waxing their cars. They simply have them washed sporadically. Generally, how often your car should be washed is largely dependent on elements of nature. Nevertheless, most cars will benefit from weekly washing. If your car gets dirt due to long commute, salty air from the ocean, and bugs, make sure that it’s washed at least once every week.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car will keep it beautiful. That’s because it brings out your car’s paint job shine. However, the benefits of waxing a vehicle go beyond beauty. Waxing protects the amazing paint job of a car from minor irritants. If you don’t protect your vehicle from these irritants, they will damage it and reduce its resale value. Therefore, make sure that your car is waxed at least after every 3 months.

Park Your Car Attentively

People in the contemporary world are always busy. Therefore, everybody wants to park close to the store or office for convenience. However, doing this puts cars at a higher risk of getting dents and dings from other vehicles and people who can bang their doors into yours. To avoid this, always choose a parking spot in area that is less busy.

Even by following this guide to maintain the brand new look of your car, it can end up looking dented and dingy. If this happen, have it fixed by experienced professionals of a reliable auto body repair shop.…

How to prepare your car before going for a long distance trip

Most people love to travel, especially during the holiday when they get some free time to spend with their loved ones. Many people typically use their cars to drive to their destinations. If you prefer to take your vehicle out on the road for a long trip, then you should make sure that the car is in top shape. 

Some of the things that you should do to your vehicle include,

Cleaning the car

You should clear everything that is in your automobile and have it cleaned. Let it be cleaned both in and out. Cleaning it will create space for people to sit comfortably without any issues. It will also give the car clean and fresh air that will be pleasing to you and the occupants of the vehicle.

Get an inspection 

Safety is exceptionally vital, and that is why you need to be sure that you are driving in a safe vehicle. A week before you go for your trip, you should take your car to a mechanic and let him/her check the car thoroughly. This will be convenient in case there is something wrong then they can fix it. Once it is fixed use it a couple of days before you start your journey. If it is not, then you would be better getting another car to use instead of endangering your life.

 Have an emergency kit in your car

Even though your vehicle may be in excellent condition, you don’t know about any eventualities that may occur while on the road. Have a list of the things that you may need and pack them neatly. You should have an idea of where you are going to sleep in case nightfall finds you on the way. Some of the items that you shouldn’t forget to carry are like a traveling pillow, some painkillers, a water bottle, and a travel mug.

Know the people that you are traveling with

If you have companions going along with you on the road, then it is advisable that you know them very well. Giving a stranger a ride can get you into a lot of trouble; you could be robbed or even end up losing your life. Also, if you met the person/persons before, but you don’t know them well, you shouldn’t have a long distance trip with them unless there are other people that you know and trust.

Remember to dress in clothes that will make you feel comfortable when you are going on a long road trip. It is not the time to wear your suits and heels or work shoes. Don’t forget about keeping your energy up by carrying some snacks to eat on the road. Pack some protein bars, grapes, beef jerky, or any fruits that you like. Ensure that your water bottle is filled with clean drinking water. You can have a light blanket that you will use in case the weather suddenly changes to and becomes chilly. With these few tips, you should make sure that you have an enjoyable trip.