Common Myths about Collision Repair

Dealing with collision repair can be a scary and frustrating experience. Having everything fixed can also be expensive. And, it’s easy to be caught up in myths about collision repair. That’s why it’s important to know these myths before you take your vehicle for repair after a collision. Here are some of the most common myths about collision repair. 

Your Vehicle Must Be repaired at the Repair Shop Recommended by the Insurer 

This is not true. Your auto insurance provider might suggest an auto body repair shop where you can have your vehicle fixed. However, you’re not legally required to take your vehicle to the specific shop recommended by the insurer. It’s your right to choose the shop where you take the car for repair. 

Your Car Can Only Be Repaired at a Dealership after Collision 

A dealership can repair your car after a collision. However, they are not the only option you have. The dealership can even be the most costly option. So, if you know a trusted and professional collision repair shop, take your vehicle there. This can save you time and money while providing quality repairs. 

The Total Cost of Repair Will Be Covered By Your Auto Insurance Company 

Your auto insurance company might not cover the total cost of repairing your vehicle. The insurer will cover some repairs but not all. However, this will depend on your insurance policy. If your policy has collision coverage, check the specifics of what your policy covers. You can also talk to your agent about it. 

You Must Request Three Estimates for the Insurance Company to Agree to Pay 

It’s good to get several estimates before you choose a collision repair shop. However, it’s not a must. Your auto insurance provider will estimate the cost of repair after you have chosen an auto repair shop.

It’s important to conduct some research before you take your car to a repair shop. Your goal should be to have your vehicle repaired by experts at a reputable collision repair shop.