Major Causes of Auto Paint Damage to Watch Out For

Many people struggle to keep their vehicles looking amazing. Dents and scratches look unpleasant. They also lower the vehicle’s resale value significantly. And, the longer you wait to repair these damages, the higher the chances of having rust develop on your vehicle. That’s why you should know the major causes of auto paint damage and avoid them in the first place. Here are the most common auto paint damage causes to watch out for. 

Flying Debris 

Roadway trash and small stones are some of the major causes of auto paint damage. You could be driving along a busy road when a stone flops up and dings your vehicle’s paintwork. This can happen on the undercarriage, bumper, or the edge of your vehicle’s wheel wells. 

Although this might be avoidable, excessive damage can be prevented. For instance, you can avoid potholes and lanes that may necessitate these repairs. Also, avoid driving behind vehicles that can haul loose stones and dump trucks. 

The Elements 

Your vehicle can sustain paint damage during any season. Salt and snow can damage auto paint significantly during winter. UV rays from the sun can cause the fading of the auto paint. That means protecting auto paint throughout the year is not easy. 

The best option is to always park your vehicle in a garage. But if this is not possible, use a car cover. This will protect your vehicle against the UV rays and snow. Additionally, park your car in a shady place to protect the paintwork from the UV rays. 

Bird Droppings and Bugs 

Bird droppings and bugs can damage the paint of your vehicle significantly. But, bugs are not easy to prevent from landing on a vehicle. However, dead bugs are not easy to remove if left in place. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is washed at least once every week to prevent dead insects and bird droppings from damaging its paint. Bird droppings can corrode the paint of your vehicle. That’s because they are acidic. That means bird droppings will eat away your vehicle paint’s color if not removed. And instead of scrapping the droppings, wash them away with a soft brush and soapy water. 

Engine Fluids and Fuel Stains 

Diesel or regular gasoline will cause peeling of paint if it drips onto it regularly. Therefore, make sure that fuel is wiped immediately it drips on the paint of your vehicle. Essentially, make sure that no engine fluids or fuel drips on the paintwork when fueling your car. And if it does, make sure that it is removed as soon as possible. 

Preventing damage to your vehicle’s paintwork is not always easy. However, you should try to avoid these major causes of auto paint damage as much as possible. This will keep your vehicle looking amazing longer and retain its resale value.