Tips for Sprucing Up Your Car for Spring

I always get this random call from a buddy of mine named Gabriel from Auto Masters, a top rated san antonio body shop, and he says, when spring comes, you know that summer is around the corner. This is the time to prepare your car for a hotter weather. Sprucing your car for spring entails more than just giving it a good wash. It can entail giving its paint job a touch up, buffing out the scratched parts, checking its tires for possible wear and inspecting the battery. You also need to check the body work of your vehicle. The impending summer heat can affect many parts of your vehicle including the paint job and tires. 


Have all salt, grime, and dirt cleaned from the body of your car. Special attention should be paid to your car’s undercarriage. Check for rust damage too. If rust is presence, have experts address it immediately. If rust is not addressed, it will worsen and eat through the body of your car. High pressure should be used to wash away grime. Be careful when taking your car to a car wash. Avoid a car wash that uses recycled water because it can leave streaks on your car. 


Pressure changes occur whenever there are temperature changes. Rubber contracts when the weather is cool and expands during warm weather. That means temperature changes have the potential to affect your tires in different ways. It’s important to have the tires of your vehicle rotated after five thousand to ten thousand miles. Also check tire pressure regularly. Ideally, check tire pressure whenever you go to a gas station. 


Fill up the windshield wiper blades fluid reservoir and have them cleaned. Make sure that the oil of your car is changed after every 3 months. Some cars require heavier oil during the hot season to provide more protection to the engine. If you drive a high mileage car, it might also need special oil. Change air filter to enhance the performance of your car’s engine. Also fill and flush the cooling system of your car’s engine to prevent possible engine failure. 

Additionally, check spark plugs and battery as well as the gas caps and radiator. The cabin and trunk should also be cleaned at this time. Work with experts of a reputable auto body repair shop to have any damage on the body of our vehicle fixed.